In what is almost universally known as the Lord’s Prayer, The Lord Jesus taught his disciples to say these words in prayer to God, “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil”.  

Those words teach us several things:

1.    That there are temptations that comes to us
2.    That it is temptation to do evil
3.    That God wants to deliver us from evil (for if he did not want to deliver us from evil, the Lord would not have taught us to ask Him to)
4.    That God would not deliver us from evil automatically even though He wishes to. We need to ask Him. (If He automatically delivered us from evil then the Lord would have no need to teach us to ask God to deliver us).
5.    That except God delivers us, then we would fall victim to evil. (Surely, if we could have delivered ourselves from evil, then the Lord would have seen no need to teach us to approach God in prayer, to deliver us)

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